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Now Pedicure With Liners Available

Make every treatment


High quality products guaranteed

Salon that will provide you with the royal treatment and professional service.With many years of experience in the nails care industry,We use products from the most trusted brand name in the beauty industry to achieve optimal results. includes OPI, CREATIVE, CND, HARMONY GELISH, QTICA SPA, CUCCIO SPA,...

How Amazing Gel Manicure

Process as natural manicure with the amazing fact that gel polish last two weeks or more,surely it would be better than acrylic nails,without drill and cured with UV light to help nail bed stay stronger and healthier.

Special Packages Discount

Combo deal special discount with manicure and pedicure,season coupon,gift certificate deal special see inside more detail when available.

Signature Nail System (SNS)

This multi-step SNS process overlays directly onto the nail bed to create long lasting nails with exceptional durability and shine. The application does not use harsh chemicals, Signature nails are light weight, flexible, comfortable. it is designed to feel like real nails, and does not bond to the cuticle with breather for the natural nails bed.

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